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This past six months I have noticed major changes that many of the bloggers have made in their blog formats. Some are not posting as often, some have drastically changed their formats, some have been on extended leaves and some are gone. I also have been struggling with some issues and would like to offer this holiday blog candy as a thank you for completing a questionaire about your blog for me. I would love for you to also become a follower but that is not necessary to this offer. I would however ask that you post this photo with a link on your blog. I will be posting the results of the questionaire for your use as it may address some concerns of your own.

Please send me your answers to my e-mail bdr@chorus.net.

1. Why do you have a blog?
2. What motivates/inspires you to create?
3. Do you enter challenges?
4. Do you sell your work/tutorials on your blog?
5. Do you create videos?
6. Do you advertise?
7. What do you look for when visiting a blog?
8. What keeps you returning to a blog?
9. Do you leave comments each time you visit a blog?

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